Saturday, August 8, 2009


(For the definition of the title of this post, please see the People are Wacky post)

I think it may be interesting to write a post about things people do where they should otherwise know better. Assweeds have a habit of doing these things on a regular basis, and will take offense immediately.

Assweeds- Joggers or bicyclists that have a 6 foot wide breakdown lane to travel down but insist on hovering the line! Beware, I hover the line too!

Assweeds- People that love to let you know how tough or crazy they are. We all know these people, and it is a quick realization, you are in the presence of an assweed.

In an almost empty theater, where you are the only one in there watching a mid day Monday movie, the person that decides to sit directly in front of you... You know what they are. And they're out there in droves!

This could go on & on forever, but does it really need to? These people will inevitably be chased down dark alleyways by torch carrying mobs of people anyways, as is always their fate. I guess maybe a bit of kindness would be......well.... Ah never mind! Bring out the torches! < a href='' > A Blogin Blog Directory< /a >