Friday, August 28, 2009

Thinking with Babble

Does the voice in your head have a different accent than your own? Not an extra voice mind you, but the one you think with.

I think some people's think voice must have a real thick accent that differs from their own, making it difficult for them to understand. Some people act like their thought voice is a different language all together. 
These are stupid people. All heavily populated areas could be cured of the majority of stupid people, if there was a way to match them with the same language that their brain is trying to communicate to them with.

Take the guy screaming at his shoe at the park. Screaming into your own shoe isn't always unusual, but he's blindfolded himself with his sock, (exposing 5 different colored toenails), & also beating the guy sitting next to him with the cover to a trash barrel. This person obviously has mental problems, but the guy sitting next to him is STUPID! 

Why else would he still be sitting there? He speaks English, but could quite possibly have a brain that tells him what to do in Swedish. This man dose not understand Swedish, nor would he know that it is Swedish. Maybe several generations ago, he had a great, great grandfather that was a full blooded Swede. Who knows? Either way, common sense dictates, when there's a guy blindfolded with a sock sitting on a park bench, screaming into his shoe about it having a big mouth, & is hitting you with the lid to a trash can, leave the guy alone & sit somewhere else!

Hereditary? Maybe. Then again, maybe it's something in the water.