Saturday, September 12, 2009

Your Brain Hates You!

I hate pain. All pain. Pain hurts. Pain is suppose to be the body's warning signal that something really bad is going on, which is fine. But why can't the body tone it down a bit, instead of us going through the agony of extreme pain? Especially over& over again over the same thing.

Pain is felt by nerves, which has to answer to the brain. They are connected to the brain through our nervous system... My problem with this is I guess our brains. Do our brains think that we're so stupid, that it's necessary to feel pain constantly when we hurt something? Think about a burn. In my opinion, there's nothing much worse than a burn. Pain can go on & on for quite some time, depending on the burns severity. Why the hell is it necessary to feel the pain of the burn consistently? Does our brain think that we'll forget about that fleshy, blistering smear stretched up the arm due to a violent accident with a toaster? Why would our brain think we'd forget? There's a conundrum for you.

How about a tooth ache? Ever have one of those so bad that there is no rest, no relief, no mercy? You can feel the swelling running up your face & down your neck, can barely open your eyes due to the pain. I don't mean having to deal with a cavity. I'm talking about the "It's time to go to the hospital before you die of infection" type of thing. Ever been through that? And you still think that your brain doesn't hate you? I would think that there's got to be a better way! Maybe override your decision making area & throw you into robot mode, that forces you to head to the nearest medical facility. Well, I guess that's the same concept as night of the living dead, but you know what I mean. But the brain chooses pain. Damn thing!

To support the case over how cruel the brain can be, I give you phantom pains. How tormenting to the unfortunate individual who is missing any particular part of the body, that they feel pain in the part that is now gone! It's not enough that you no longer have that leg, but your brain that hates you, is giving you an invisible pain on your invisible knee as a reminder! How evil is that?