Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weird Thoughts & Misc. Babble

I'm sure that I will be updating this regularly as I am usually not short on weird thoughts. Updates will be on the bottom. So please subscribe! Also, I have an almost supernatural ability to perform random acts of babble. When someone is staring at me with their head cocked like a confused dog with their eyes glazing over, it is then realized that I may have let some misc. babble slip from my brain, & out through my mouth.

Instead of formatting this in a paragraph style blog, I will list every item out as either a weird thought, or misc babble. This way, my blog seems much bigger while I do much less. I love that.

Weird Thought- Who had the idea of eating a potato, carrot, or any other root type fruit or vegetable? Ever wonder about that? I do. Digging down into the dirt to find some food? Without having any idea about what you've just found? To me that's pretty weird, & the same individual probably died of some sort of poisoning. Eating a lady slipper plant or something.

Misc. Babble- Never punch a gift horse in the mouth with a roll of wooden nickles. But if you have to, be sure to do it with the hand that feeds you.

Weird Thought- Have you ever been stuck in traffic & wondered where the hell everybody's going? You know that they all have to go somewhere, but where the hell are they going? And why now? And who are they?

Misc. Babble- My wife just heard on TV that someone died by jumping off of a cliff into the water. He hit the water feet first at over 30 miles an hour, shooting water up his bucket & blowing out his intestine. Don't do that. If you have to anyways, cross your legs.

Weird Thought- After winning millions, would I really do what I think I would do with the money? Does anybody?

7/28/09 Weird Thought- Ever wonder why people get a kick out of monkeys that are smarter than others? I would assume those same people hate anyone smarter than themselves. Ever meet a person that is jealous of a smart monkey? Stay away from that person.

7/28/09 Weird Thought- Have you ever noticed that the good old days have nothing to do with now? At what point does that page turn? While we're on the thought of time, what's the point of telling someone down on their luck that they have their whole future ahead of them? Where the hell else would it be? And when will they be out of the present to even know it's the future? Sounds like false hope.

7/28/09 Misc. Babble- Is it still necessary to use Latin to give an official name to a new species? Are languages STILL USED TODAY not specific enough? Latin= Secret Elf Tongue of the over educated.

7/29/09 Weird Thought- During conversation with my wife, I realized that I've never known what that purple edged, onion/lettuce looking stuff is in a salad,(Cabbage). I've always eaten it anyway, not knowing what it is. Kind of led me to wonder what else I've eaten & not known what it could be. Just thought I'd throw this one in there.

7/29/09 Weird Thought- Have you ever heard someone say something to you & find out that the sentence you just heard was spoken to you minutes ago? I think maybe it takes that long for you to hear it. This happens to me all the time.

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  1. Wierd thoughts... but very true!!!Interesting!!!

  2. Ever though how people will look 50 years from now? Given Swine Flu if people wear masks and roam and as more and more germs start evoluting then we may all dress up in fine armoury....

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