Sunday, September 6, 2009


Speaking of Weird Thoughts & Misc. Babble, I would like to address the lots of dough through blogging BS. How many blogs are out there that tell you how to make millions online through blogging & having people clicking your adsense, or other things of that nature? Not that I'm any expert on the subject, but I could make more with one hours worth of overtime at work, than 1 whole month on the internet! If I'm doing something terribly wrong, fine. Like I said, I have little knowledge of what I'm doing. (Guess I didn't say that before, ah well..) But it seems to me that if you want to make any steady money online, you have to become a slave to your computer nonstop for hours.

If all of your eggs are in one basket, when do you have time to do anything at all? If you have to steadily promote, promote, promote, for a lousy couple of bucks, what are you going to do when you actually have something else that you have to do for a few days? Go Broke! Maybe I can't see the forest for the trees, but from my house, everybody claiming to be making a steady income via blogging, must be dumping a good chunk of change into advertizing, & having people click their adds through esp. If there is anyone out there that has the ability to do this through such a super power, please contact me. I have a plan that will make us millions!
Aside from that I have no strong feelings on the matter.

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  1. Hi, it's been great to read your thoughts, I can't agree more. I definitely don't have the ability to earn money through my blog, but I prefer to have a life. Best wishes.

  2. lmfao, haw haw hehe man you can click till the 1/2 penny comes home, but make a living, get a sign will blog for food. lol

  3. How about this CRAAAZZZZY idea...

    Blog for fun, expression, allow demons to disappear (even for a minute), make people laugh, or wait... I know...

    Maybe, just maybe... write about something that may be able to help others! What a concept!

    I totally agree w/ you, which is why I'll never (prolly never) (hopefully never) have adsense on my site. Good post!

    (I wasn't shouting at you, btw... I was talking to the same pple you were). ;-)

  4. I know what you mean, at first I started blogging to make money, but now I just do it as a passing interest, something I think is quite educational all of a sudden!

    Nah, bollocks to it, I want the money!

    Consider your ad...ahem...sense...ahem... clicked!

  5. Yeah blogging is one of those top heavy things like writing or painting or professional athletics. It's a lot of work for very little pay off for a long time, and then if you're lucky and good and you work really hard at it, eventually you make really great money. But then I certainly don't claim to have any of the previously mentioned qualities...
    But hey a hobby that can also make you a little bit of change? Not too bad right?

  6. I say get a paperround, you'll get more money ;)

  7. You click on my ads...I'll click on yours...hehe. Have a great day!!

  8. Hey; I think I have a total of like 0.43 cents that I've made. lol. Maybe I can buy a piece of gum? Seriously, aren't there a few people who make money through blogs? How do they do it? Is it just the amount of people that view the blog.? Not that I'm worried about it, I have 34 followers. I write just hoping to help someone though. So check it out if you have time.

  9. I felt the same way. When I started blogging (circa three days ago) it was because I was bored and figured it would be cool if I happened to make some money on top of my shitty retail job. It did not work with ChaCha or online poker but it cant hurt right?

    I enjoy reading your thoughts stop by mine sometime

  10. This reminds me, for some reason, of these infernal BlogCatalog peddlers who keep sending me these ass-licking messages that they've visited my blog, it's really great, and now can you visit my site ... They've got these bad engrish commerce blogs selling trinkets and thimbles and hand-woven mittens, and they won't leave me alone. They must be stopped.


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