Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh, More Babble-Movies

Misc. Babble- Do you know why there was never a true sequel to the Grinch who Stole Christmas? The snowflake melted. What a different story that would have wound up being! Rated R for graphic violence & scenes of despair. I don't think Christmas would be nearly as important of an issue in that one.

Misc. Babble- Old Disney movies. They all have a tear jerking moment that always emotionally destroy the kids that watch them. Why? Bambi's mother in the fire, Dumbo's mother, The Fox & the Hound, etc... Bastards!

Misc. Babble- I've never given any ear to anyone complaining that a fictitious movie, based on a fictitious book, was not exactly like the book. They're both made up! Why should they be the same? What difference does it make? Why in the world would someone who just read the book, decide to go pay to see something exactly like what they just read? Just READ THE BOOK AGAIN! You already payed for it! Don't go see the movie just to complain about how it's so much different than the book! Assweeds!(Yes it is now a word. Please refer to my previous post to read the definition.)

Speaking of assweeds, has anybody in the movie industry ever thought to put an end to the credits that nobody has watched for the last 20 years? Why don't they post it all on a website, & show the URL at the end of the movie? That way they don't spend allot of money on the act of putting them in the end of the movie, theaters may be able to cram another movie's worth of time in, thus generating more revenue, & people like me that take off the minute the credits start rolling, won't miss the little piece of movie that is placed either towards the end or after the credits.

More eventually. Thank you for reading!


  1. LOL...very funny and true...found you on the blogger forum via the coffee shop

  2. I hate reading, so what I do is, if they make a movie out of it, I look at the ratings to see if it's any good. Let's say I end up watching the movie. If it was a good movie, I may CONSIDER reading the book. Otherwise...I'll just enjoy the movie xD

  3. such a great post. You are right, I watched lots of disneys movie.

  4. Hey did you get any money i clicked on an ad and left :)

  5. On movie credits, I have thought about that too. The only time it would be interesting is if you knew someone in the credits - .01% of the world.



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