Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Writers Block

It appears to me I am currently suffering from a slight case of writers block. That being the case, I thought I'd write about it. I figure why not? If that's all I can come up with, that's what I'm going to damn well do.

I guess the first thing I notice is the feeling of time running by as I sit with a 1000 mile stare toward, my screen. Could write about politics, but then the comments fill up with people defending their parties. I know my side is right, so why bother? Could write about people, but I find people, (not to be confused with persons or individuals), generally suck. Maybe I'll do that later.

Ever notice that most mid 90's to early 2000's music was all about self loathing, being victimized, and other forms of whining about one thing or another? In some cases, the heavier the music, the more severe the whining! Makes me sick. But I don't know if I should post that on a blog.

I could bring up how we're all going to die on the year 2012, but that would bring on something similar to the politics problem. Don't want to go there.

I guess writers block isn't exactly how it sounds. It's more like writers will. Whether a writer is willing to write something or not. Like an exchange of ideas that goes on without notice by the writer. At least that's what happens to me.

Hopefully something a bit more interesting next time!
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  1. doc if it is writer block or knee cramps it doesnt really matter, you have the knack for writing the right thought st the right time. enjoying your blog site

  2. Writer's block is my brain saying, Enough. I'm tired. Go away. Leave me alone. Which I do. Sometimes I give my brain its space for days at a time.

  3. My very first post on my blog was me writing on writer's block. It was quite a battle, to try and force an idea out.

    But for you, even writing about nothing has caught my attention until the very last line in your post.

    And I'd like to read more, please :)


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