Saturday, August 1, 2009

People are Wacky

Misc. Babble- I believe that the person who defined the word 'perfect' had their expectations way too high.

Misc. Babble- In a perfect world, or a Utopian society, I would still need to mow my lawn.

Weird Thought- Speaking of people defining things, where is the census held, when a word or phrase is changed to mean something completely different than what it use to? Everybody knows what these words are before the meaning changes, & oddly enough, everybody seem to know what it means after it changes! Who is on this seemingly invisible census board that has the power to change a word's very meaning without any alarm to the general public? Try it sometime & see if you are successful. I'll try it right now. From now on, I hereby declare that the words ass & weeds a new combined word that will loose any previous definition either may have held, & have formatted it below in a manner that Webster's can cut & paste it into their dictionary.

Main Entry: assweeds
Pronunciation: \aswēds\
Function: noun
Etymology: probably alteration of ass & weeds
Date: 2009
1: a person that is unliked by the general public 2 a: a new dance where people stand straight up & make donkey noises while listening to Frank Zappa tunes b: a tendency to produce spasmodic motions in the upper eyebrow area 3 a: a person being chased through the streets by the general public for no outward reason, only inward

There, Let's see if it catches on. Blogs That Follow


  1. I like your creative humor. Keep it up!

  2. hahaha I like the new definition . I think it could catch on. I mean, I already know tons of spasmodic eyebrow motion enthusiasts.

  3. fair point, humourously written


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