Friday, August 21, 2009

Quitter Socks & Hangnails

Weird Thought - Quitter socks & hangnails. They occupy different parts of the body, but both are a pain in the same place.

Misc. Babble - No matter what problems & troubles life throws your way, you will never be so annoyed, as when you are trying to hammer a nail that is shorter than the fingers you're holding it in.

Weird Thought - Ozzy Osbourne was once the Crazy Train, is now the Drool Cup. The natural succession we all must go through.....He who was once a stretched crew, alas, has become a quitter sock.

Weird Thought - It is a scientifically proven fact, that quitter socks & hangnails can not coexist in the same place at the same time. If you take your quitter sock & place it on the appendage in which the hangnail occupies, it then has become a bandage or mitten. The rules change for an airborne hangnail which has just been removed. If it happens to land inside the open cuff on the sock, it then becomes sock debris, & is already not a hangnail anymore but just a piece of dejected skin.

I may touch up on this subject once more in a later post, as it's importance is greater than what we can typically comprehend. It is my duty to keep you informed, as half the battle.

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  1. well doc thanks for that information. now, bess, is gonna have me cut my toenails, will let you know how that one goes


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