Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Deja vu & High Beams

Misc. Babble- The other day I had a moment of deja vu. I remember thinking, 'I feel as though I've done this before.' Then, ' I feel as though I've been here before!' But then, ' I feel as though I've thought this before!' This went on all day until I realized that I've done that before, which started the process all over again.

Weird Thought- Have you ever been driving down a lonely back road in the middle of the night? You may not have a moving vehicle coming at you for several miles, if at all. So you turn on your high beams. Within seconds there is another car coming! Almost without fail every time! I think this is part of the vast assweed conspiracy set up against good willed motorists.
They lie in wait for their signal, the flash of the high beams turning on. Their purpose is to inconvenience you by forcing you to shut your beams off, once you really start noticing how much better you can see everything. Even worse, they will come at you with theirs on & try to blind you right off the road!
These are the same people that take 1/2 an hour at the front of the line at the store, fumbling around with 5 bad credit cards. They can also be found 12 miles ahead of you creating traffic jams, so be aware! Please see the People are Weird post for the assweed definition.


  1. always waiting to see what you writ next, love your blog and what an influence of seeing the other side you bring. thank i needed that

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  3. I so long to follow the rainbow that leads us to a pot of gold.

    ...but not THAT kind of gold. xD Funny post today.

  4. The photo was great. A pot of gold indeed...

  5. Yep, know what you mean about those main beam headlights - have been dazzled many many times, and I'll tell you what, it makes you want to dazzle the next one back!!! You don't of course in the interests of road safety, but that devil on your shoulder keeps on saying "Go on, do it do it!"

  6. lol yes I totally agree, the true sign of an assweed is that they see you turn your highs low, yet they keep theirs high. Ofc the assweeds stand in the way of our progress thru the checkout a weed never moves nor does that damn ass in front of you. in the past these assweeds waited to have all the items added and totalled then an only then, did they start looking for thier checkbook. Who, my gods, i ask, who gave them credit cards? :(

    stay safe maam, this field is full od assweds :D

  7. haha and of course, it's so true!

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