Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Using Keyword Bubble

          I mad libbed my keyword bubble that you'll find here on the site called 'Trippy Word Count', out of a complete lack of intelligent thought. It is kind of weird, but what would you expect on a page dawning the word! Keywords were not moved from the order they were in when I cut & pasted them, and they have been italicized. It actually is kind of a challenge to come up with any continuity. What the hell, why not read the rest of the post to see what I've come up with!

         In the year 2012, I hope that supernatural abilities evolve for anyone who uses adsense. The wrong advice given in the opportune moment can be amazing! When given bad advice by a group of assweeds, you find yourself with your brain shrunken just a bit, and babble dribbles out of your face like a fountain. When encountered with this sort of bad luck, bikes are out of the question since you may be killed.
          If you tend to block reality, blogging may very well be the answer to all of the aforementioned issues. Instead of staring at your walls like a bobble head, try books! Or, you may feast your brain on this kind of BS. If you want to change your life, fashion a  complaint of some sort, and get in the game!  
          Are you the type that finds conspiracy in everything you see? Well, you're probably crazy. But rejoice because they make a  cream for that and can be found in any region at your local Walmart! That's right! For a measly 50 creditsdefinition of such a condition can be changed to fit your needs.
         Side effects are violent  deja vu episodes of becoming a Disney character. Driving is not recommended while using this miracle, because it tends to make you evil. If you fancy the falling game, this also may be a side effect that will lead down the trail of the goofy. 
          If you choose to research this miracle cure via Google, you may run into some undesirables. You may bump into someone who decides to call you a  hairliphammerjackcolon, but use kid gloves with such a person, as hangnails tend to mess with a people's heads. Do not use the high beams on the way to Walmart, you may stir the hornets
          A sense of humor should never be used while eating ice icecream, because it may distract and kill  joggers. Jogging can be very dangerous, and in life, you should be creating a list of these dangers that come with exercise. If you keep it in your lunchbox, money pours out of your thermos like water from a fall, from there your ready for the movies! Political music is harmful to listen to while exercising, as the nerves begin to exit the nervous system
          Another note... Bad news over an online job creates too mush pain for paranormal people. If you are powerful, a  prediction from a  psychic may cause you to hide from the public. So be sure to leave a quarter as a tip. Quitter Socks are ill advised while dealing with that medium, and may cause him to rant over his sandwich.
          If you search online for a story teeth begin to grow in the heads of terrorists giving them thoughts of eating food. This time, the toothache is all theirs, and may cause traffic in the space between their ears which may prevent them from being able to travel. 
          If you feel like being alongside trees, try taking a  trek through the woods. While trekking, Don't be  wacky and walk weird like an idiot. Use words that  writers would be proud of when not suffering from writers block If you follow all the instruction given on this post, you will deserve to be committed to the nearest psychiatric, mental facility. 


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