Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Three Unfortunate Observations

Misc. Babble- Joggers. Have you ever seen a jogger that just looks wrong doing what they're doing? Some people just don't look like they should be jogging at all. Arms flailing around everywhere, or even worse, jogging with their hands down. These people need to be introduced to any Rocky movie to see how it's done. If this is you, stop it. You look like you just escaped from somewhere that nobody needs to know about. Please, for the love of God, don't do that.

Misc. Babble- TV Bobble Heads. These are people, usually in commercials, that feel like they need to bob their head everywhere, because that's what you do in order to appear genuine & sincere. Don't they have any idea how this comes across to normal people? A rehearsed head gesture for almost every syllable. If you have never noticed this phenomenon, now that I mentioned it, you will!

Weird Thought- Have you ever been in a comatose state while you were driving? You get to your destination without missing a beat, no accident, no mishaps, & no wrong turns. Eventually you get out of your car & say to yourself, "How did I get here?".
That same person can go home & unintentionally slam into a wall or a piece of furniture in a home that they have lived in for years! I know there are many of us out there! Kind of scary when you think about it.


  1. I haven't just done that driving home have done iy on cross country trips as well. that jogger wasn't me but the head bobber worries me. cool agatn

  2. I've seen those kinds of joggers a lot, and even though it's not my right to tell them what to do, it does bother me a little to have them exercise unproperly @__@

    And the comatose driving, I've seen my brother actually sleeping at the wheel and we somehow miraculously ended up in a parking lot safely Dx

  3. It's true about some joggers.

    I experienced many times before where I will come out of a daze while driving and not know what happened. I am missing time but still going the right way. This has only happened to me on the highway. IT scared me many times.

  4. Interesting thoughts. You seem to very observant of the world around you. Write more often.

  5. I am glad to see I am not the only on that thinks like this. Please post more often. I enjoyed reading this.

  6. It is so scary when you come to and realise you've just driven 15km without realising it. I used to have these mini sleeps on the way home from poetry readings, until I decided I wasn't going to drive that late at night anymore.

    Now I stop at Mum's place for the night and go home the next day - fun and Mum enjoys my company (I hope).

    It is truly amazing what people can do without giving it any real thought. It explains how some of the stupid/crazy political decisions get made!

    Love your website, by the way!

  7. lol, there is a jogger i've seen just like that! He is short, stubby and slightly over wieght... He looks completely out of place as he works his socks off!

  8. haha i do that sometimes when driving home from work.. dont know how i got there.. no accidents, no nothing.. get home walk right into the front door or wall.. wtf?!


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